Our Story

Nearly all of our ingredients are sourced from the abundant farmers markets in and around Southern California. We believe in letting the ingredients do the talking. Nothing can emulate the simplicity of great produce and proper technique.

About Travis

After twelve years in the music business, Travis Hayden knocked on the back door of his favorite restaurant, Rustic Canyon, asking if they’d let him work for free. Thankfully, they took pity on him and invited him in. He’d be mentored by and later join the all-star team who’d go on to win a Michelin star. In the years from intern, to prep cook, to line cook, and later running pastry program, Travis actually learned how to cook. The evolution of our ragu is found in this lineage, the genesis being a family meal experiment, slowly refined, and becoming a family meal staple. Like many people, when the pandemic began, Travis turned to the kitchen. Instead of banana bread and sourdough loafs, he further sought to refine his pasta and sauces. These pastas and sauces are the result of a consistent tinkering by a mildly obsessive individual.

Contact: info@calibolo.com